Anti-theft Blockbox: Stop theft of cars


Anti-theft Blockbox: Stop theft of cars

With the advent of new technologies on cars where everything is managed by
engine control unit and electronics, the systems to steal cars are
become sophisticated and all take place with the replacement of the latter
with a scodifica unit that allows you to turn on the car.
Designed and patented in 2009, the first "blockbox" anti-theft device
has the particularity of preventing the replacement of the engine control unit.
Immediately after, the "blind-OBD" alarm system was also designed and patented.
which prevents access to the control unit via an OBD socket (diagnostic socket) making it practically impossible to steal the car with the new methods used for any car with the control unit.
It consists of a stainless steel cover with special steel pull pins.
Blockbox has undergone various changes and is produced in various models to be mounted on the control units of each automoblista house and model, up to the last steel monster 4mm

Block Box Steel Monster

Details and compatibility


Block Box Steel Monster is the only armor for the patented engine control unit made of stainless steel Aisi 304. Its thickness of 4 mm and the locking system with anti-burglary breakage pins of 8 mm thick guarantee, for the engine control unit (ECU) , a very high level of security. Thanks to Block Box Steel Monster replacing the control unit for criminals will be almost impossible, in fact the most used technique today for car theft is to replace the unit to inhibit the immobilizer and start the car in a few seconds forcing only the ignition switch with a sword.


Block Box Steel Monster is compatible with all vehicles currently on the market. DOES NOT alter the warranty of your vehicle in any way.


Purchase and installation


You can buy Block Box online, with the vehicle you have indicated.

This option is the most practical for those with the skills and dexterity to perform the installation themselves or want to contact their own workshop.

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