Rimappatura Mercedes-Benz A 200CDI CRD3.X 136cv


Rimappatura Mercedes-Benz A 200CDI CRD3.X 136cv

Rimappatura Mercedes-Benz A 200CDI CRD3.X 136cv

Size Supported: Alientech Kess, Alientech KTAG, Dimsport New Trasdata, Magic Motorsport MAGPRO, MPPS

Engine Code: OM651

Ecu: Delphi CRD3

Cilynder Content: 1796

The file service is open from monday untill saturday from 08.00 - 21.00 Hours.

All tuning files will be delivered within 30 minutes after uploading and buying sufficient credits. Special request and sensor delete can take longer. Normally DPF,EGR,SWIRL,DECAT,TVA,VMAX,DTC off files will be ready in 30 minutes as well but due the width variety of software version it might take longer.

Please register to our website and start using our file service.

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